Times Union features Karen and Her Humanitarian Work!

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A recent article in the Albany Times Union features Karen and the story behind her humanitarian efforts.

Retiring locally, then volunteering globally

Former teacher says she finds joy in her efforts on behalf of other people
By Tim O’Brien

TU image 2Karen Flewelling has helped put wells in dry lands, and she’s taken school supplies to impoverished children, goats and chickens to hungry families and soccer balls to youths around the world.

The retired Shaker High School teacher has made 20 trips to 14 countries since 2005. She turned journal entries into a book called “Drilling for Hope,” which she is selling to raise funds.

Flewelling, a Saratoga Springs resident, has seen the reaction of women who no longer will have to walk for miles to collect dirty water. She has watched families’ faces light up at the eco-friendly stoves she has provided them and she has delighted in the reaction of children to the simple pleasure of having a new ball. Read More …