Send a “selfie” to Rwanda

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During their stay in Rwanda, Karen & Emma will be be providing for the children there in need of an education and school supplies. The generosity of donors that makes this possible will be highlighted during the May 8 “Faces of Rwanda” gallery exhibit with a wall devoted to “selfies” of the children there, holding photos of the individuals who have made their education possible.

To make it even more powerful, engage your children to start thinking about philanthropy. So, talk to your kids. Get them involved by encouraging them to make a donation and be a part of something truly magical and inspirational.

It’s easy:

Make a tax deductible online donation (you set the cost)

Email a “selfie” of your child to Emma at

Your child’s photo will be taken to Rwanda where the receiving child will have their photo taken with a photo of you for our wall!

May 8: watch your child’s expression when they see themselves in a photo with Rwandan child – filled with warmth and hope at the thought of opportunity they may not have had otherwise.