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With your donations I was able to accomplish the following:
I funded six wells at schools in Parasi, located in the south of Nepal.  This will affect over 2000 children.  In addition I donated 34 water filters.  The filters are of two kinds; the Sono filter to take out arsenic and 99.9% of other impurities, and the Sawyer filter to remove bacteria and silt in wells less than 40 feet deep.  I did this in partnership with Filters for Families.
Working with Keenan’s Kids I supported their fruit on Fridays program.  Keenan was an American girl volunteering with the Orchid Day Care Center in Kathmandu.  She lost her life trying to save another person.  Her parents set up this fund to help the children in the Center.  Each of the 180 children will receive one piece of fruit each week for at least a year and a half with our donation.  Vitamins were donated, and I also brought pain and fever medicine.
We are sponsoring a girl of 8 in this Day Care Center.  Her background is awful, her parents have left her and moved 10 hours away by bus, and she is now living at the Center.  She is the smartest girl in her class, and she has a wonderful attitude.  We are financing her education, room and board for three years.  This scholarship will be in Keenan’s name, and we will receive periodic reports.
Through hours of hard work and negotiation I was able to buy 6 goats and 14 ducks.  I delivered them to families who had no animals.  Each family signed a contract stating they would give the first female offspring or the first two baby ducks to other families without animals.  Two of the goats were pregnant, and we will be grandparents by the end of December.  This is a wonderful project to put protein in their diets, help others in these villages with no animals, and give something of substance to those in need.  Entire villages will be changed by this donation.
There is nothing that brings more joy than a soccer ball.  I gave soccer balls in Kathmandu, Parasi, and another poor village near a tributary of the Ganges River.  The kids scream and immediately want to play.  Happiness is a soccer ball!!
I gave basic math materials and pencils for primary school students.