About Karen Flewelling



After retiring from teaching, Karen volunteered for Earthwatch and other international service organizations to help save endangered species. She has traveled to Africa, Vietnam, North, Central, and South America. It was during these travels that she set her sights on another cause – to help families struggling in other countries. She began in 200

KF5 in Kenya, where she donated 28 goats for 25 families who had no male in the household. Subsequently Karen has implemented 2 Projects each year. She has funded wells, donated goats, pigs, chickens, school supplies, soccer balls, food and medicine in 13 countries. She has also sponsored children in 3 countries to get an education.

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Karen w President Kikwete

Karen with the President of Tanzania, President Kikwete

Through the generosity of our donors, Drilling for Hope provides wells and livestock to communities around the globe in need of clean water. We also sponsor children who would otherwise not receive an education. Additionally, funding is applied to the purchase of school supplies and sports equipment, as well as medical supplies and funding/equipment for  medical care. Karen pays her own travel expenses, as well as food and lodging; every donation goes 100% to the people and well drilling endeavors.

Photos of Karen hard at work supporting the communities she has helped over the years.

Tanzania - mkuranga district

Karen with the women of Mkuranga District, Tanzania after a new well has been successfully installed.

eco stove in nicaragua

An Eco-stove in Nicaragua.


Karen in Guatemala.

Karen opening well in Uzizi

A new well in Uzizi!

Kisele goats

Buying Goats in Kisele for families in need.

Kisele women

Karen with the women of Kisele.


Water in Kisele!

new well

Teaching a small child to pump the well in Malawi.

new well Water!


opening a new well

Well adoration in Uzizi.

school donations in namibia

School supplies in Namibia. Through the generosity of our donors, Karen also provides for school aged children.

Tanzania fistula

Fundraising pays off for Fistula surgeries in Tanzania.