Drilling for Hope



Drilling for Hope is the brainchild and philanthropic outreach of Karen Flewelling, a field hockey coach/retired teacher & athletic director who has traveled the world helping those in need.

Drilling for Hope is devoted to helping impoverished communities around the globe in a way that will foster sustainability and independence. Building wells will enable thousands of families to have clean drinking water, pave the way for children to go to school, allow families to lead healthier lives.

Where will Karen go next? Below are details of Karen’s next trip and details for the fundraising efforts.

March, 2015:

Current Fundraising efforts are in support of Karen’s next trip to provide clean water in Madagascar & Tanzania in March.


1 Spring Fed Water System : $10,000.

3 Wells @ $4,700: $14,100.

School supplies/soccer /goats/chickens: $2 ,500

Total: 26,600


2 solar powered wells: $31,300

Clean Buckets for water: $1,500

Fistula Operations: $5,000

School supplies/goats/chickens/soccer equipment: $2,500

Total – 40, 300

Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean off the East coast of Africa. It is one of the the poorest nations in the World, and the people are desperately in need of clean water. Using natural springs Karen Flewelling will fund one gravity-fed, safe water system and drill 3 wells, together with the Madagascar Development Fund.

This will be Karen Flewelling’s 20th international trip, and 7th to Tanzania, which is a country in East Africa. She returns to fund new wells and check on the wells previously financed. With the government addin solar power to the previous wells, a partnership hasformed. Karen will donate two wells at schools in remote areas. In addition to donating school supplies, goats, chickens, and soccer equipment, she will givecontinued support of Fistulaoperations in Dar es Salaam.


Lack of clean, accessible water has been a leading cause of death in several countries, and perpetuates an overwhelming poverty problem. Villagers are dying from dysentery, giardia, cholera and other water borne diseases  – diseases that can be prevented. Local clinics do not have clean water necessary for sanitary procedures and operations. Young girls drop out of school as they are needed to collect water, albeit dirty. We can help girls stay in school to get the education they need and improve the quality of life for these villages by funding wells. This is Karen Flewelling’s mission.

Drilling for Hope is a component fund of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region.